About Us

Welcome to The 2020 Xperience

For years to come, the year 2020 will forever be in our thoughts, conversations, memories, dreams and nightmares.  We've witnessed some of the world's most controversial and historical events.  Though the residual effects of our inability to trust each other will haunt us for years to come, we can choose now to hold onto resentment or learn to grow from our mistakes. And what better way to do than using humor as a coping mechanism to heal from these experiences.  

And The 2020 Xperience was born.

Hi I'm Nik and she is Toni. We are best friends, business partners & so much more.  Our patio conversations about our 2020 experiences are always hilariously ironic and somehow therapeutic.  

Thank you for caring about who we are and why we exist.

Nik & Toni